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Black gum tupelo honey is a rare honey harvested during the spring in the swamps of North Florida from the Black Gum Tupelo trees. 100% pure honey that is cold packed and bio active preserving the enzymes. Lightly strained honey in the raw to retain all the good stuff from the hive. 

Taste: Black Gum Tupelo honey has a light amber color and is very thick. It has a well balanced sweetness to it that pairs exceptionally well with teas.  This is a prized rare honey.

Pairings and Uses: This raw honey Pairs exceptionally well with teas. Try some drizzled on biscuits, smoothies, coffee and on baked goods. It's a perfect everyday natural honey. 

This tupelo honey is born in the swamps of North Central Florida from the Black Gum Tupelo tree. Two weeks after the bloom, the Holly tree starts blooming. If the bees have not filled their honey supers and capped off the frames, they will visit some of the Holly flowers to finish the job. So we call this a Black Gum Tupelo Holly Blend.  
Black Gum Tupelo trees bloom in May to June each year in the swamps of North Florida, two weeks before the holly. The delicate, nectar rich flowers come on strong and fast, and the bees quickly fill up their hives with this amazing nectar creating a rare sought after honey. Honey Feast is a producer of small batch American honey in Florida and is comprised of beekeepers striving to find innovative ways to manage beehives naturally.




  • 5
    Tupelo honey

    Posted by Anatolii Calinin on Dec 29th 2022

    Nice flavor, dark and rich. Nice.

  • 5
    Tupelo honey

    Posted by Anatolii Calinin on Aug 16th 2022

    I loved the richness of this honey. In my tea or a spoonful by itself.