Basswood Honey Raw and Unfiltered

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Basswood honey (also known as Linden Honey) is an amazingly light raw honey with a lemony finish. This honey in the raw is unfiltered and cold packed in the USA. Very low in moisture and thick. You will love this wild honey!   
Taste: Very light natural honey harvested in the summer. Its so light and citrusy it kind of tastes like summer. We love this unique honey in the raw. It looks very similar to our Acacia but has unique citrus tones.
Pairings and Uses: Perfect for teas, green apples, yogurt, biscuits and ice cream. Try some drizzled over a bowl of fresh berries or an acia bowl. Mix some in your favorite smoothie. 
Basswood honey is called Linden honey in Europe and Lime honey in England however it is not a citrus tree. In the United States you can find basswood raw honey from many backyard beekeepers. Basswood is rarely available in grocery stores.

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